Weekend Reading and Audio July 10

1. Interview with Rick Rule-- Part 1, Part 2    Great interview where Rick discusses his view on oil (hint he thinks its going to $200), gas, and alternative energies.

2. Jim Rogers says buy metals and rice--sell bonds.

3. John Paulson facing large redemptions--- This could account for the recent weakness in the price of gold.

4. Bank of America's $10.7 billion mistake---or fraud? Its hard to tell with the major banks.

5. Oracle Octopus faces angry Germans

6. James Turk Blog article on the dollar---he correctly points out that the real threat is hyperinflation not deflation

7. King World News Interview--Jeffrey Saut, James Turk, and Bill Fleckenstein---big fan of King World News--it should replace CNBC.

Have a great Weekend!

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