Happy 4th of July and the police state

    To celebrate the 4th of July I took the whole family to the beach (in Malibu) to have some fun and sunshine. What I found however was confirmation that we really do live in a police state. I must have seen over 30 police cars driving around harassing people and giving them tickets. Then I looked up into the sky and saw 2 police helicopters flying up and down the beach. God knows what they were doing--maybe protecting us from Al-Queda or sea monsters. Then once we actually got to the beach we got to see gangs of police driving around on off road vehicles giving more tickets and trying to act tough by giving people orders. In addition to all of this there were cops on bicycles patrolling the sidewalks.

     But wait there is more. There are also beach "rangers" who also drive around barking orders at people. I got into a few altercations with them because I have dogs and dogs are not allowed on the beach. Every time I walked my dogs on the sidewalk I got visited by a ranger warning me that dogs were not allowed on the beach. I told them I was not on the beach but on the sidewalk. I had three rangers tell me the same warning.

    Besides the constant harassment of the police state we had a good time at the beach!

Black Swan Insights