Current Investments

1. Long Gold---at $1340---trade still in progress
2. Altria (MO)--Will hold this stock forever and reinvest dividends.
3. Lorillard (LO)--same as above (or until RAI completes the proposed acquisition)
4. Long Housing--Buy a house. 4% mortgage locked in for 30 yrs. You will win big time thanks to inflation alone.

Past Investments/Trades

1. My Investment In Allana Potash Inc---Bought at .41 and sold at $2.04
2.  My Investment In Africa Oil---Bought at .90 and sold at $1.40
3. My Investment In The Limoneira Company---Bought at $14 and sold at $20
4. My Investment In Stans Energy--Bought at .30 and sold at $2.40
5. Short EUR/CAD---Stopped out at a loss of around 400 pips. Euro strengthened against the Canadian dollar on account of the EU debt crisis. Go figure!
6. Short Sugar-----Sugar fell 14% in about a month.
7.Long Basket of Uranium Stocks---Purchased 4 days after Fukushima incident. So far this has been a disaster.Closed out. Massive loss. Luckily only 3% of portfolio was in these stocks. Buying when there is radiation in the streets turned out to be a really bad trade.

Stocks I Have Reviewed

1. Emergent Group Inc

Black Swan Insights