Eric Sprott on King World News

Hat tip to King World News for again delivering another insightful interview with Eric Sprott, of Sprott Asset Management. He has an excellent track record of navigating the markets and the economy. He is a highly respected financier who does what financiers used to do--provide capital for new and emerging companies to grow, create jobs, and benefit society. Unlike today where financiers have become parasitic viruses who steal money from the real economy and threaten the world's financial system.  In the King World News interview Sprott discusses everything from failed bailouts, QE 2, insolvent German banks, gold, and more. Of note Sprott says that QE 2 might already be occurring through a backdoor arrangement between the Fed and the banks. Fed lends banks money at 0% and and the banks buy treasuries at 3-4%. Sprott also sees the economy falling off a cliff and that QE 2 from the Fed will not work this time. The bond market will not get fooled again. Finally, Sprott says there is a possibility for hyperinflation which makes gold a must own asset.

Here is the link for the entire interview.


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