Jim Rogers calls CNBC a PR Agency while on CNBC program

   In one of the more entertaining events recently, respected international investor Jim Rogers called CNBC nothing more than a PR Agency while he was being interview on CNBC. The revealing comment came after Rogers was asked about the European stress tests and whether they worked in calming market fears. Rogers said:

It is PR, they got the stocks up, that's the whole purpose of PR, make the stocks go higher. That's what CNBC and many many PR agencies are all about.
 In response to these harsh words the female CNBC anchor tried to make a little humor by stating that Rogers' was being cheeky because he knows that CNBC only reports the news. Both the CNBC anchor and Rogers got a good laugh out of that comment!

Here is the full video below. The comment is around the 3:30 mark. You better check it out soon before CNBC takes the video down.

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