State Unemployment Charts

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the unemployment situation for all 50 states. Most states reported a flat or slight decline in the unemployment rate.

Here are the best states with the lowest unemployment rate. You can see that the states with the lowest unemployment rate have a large agricultural sector which is largely immune for the business cycle.

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Next up are the worst states with the highest unemployment rate.

No surprise my home state communist California is among the top 3. You would think that with an unemployment rate of 12.4%, the legislature would do all it could to promote job growth. Instead they are going ahead with their carbon taxes and fake green economy rhetoric. Despite the fact it will destroy not create jobs. Californians have the opportunity to stop these carbon taxes by voting yes on prop 23, which would prevent the implementation of California's Global Warming Act of 2006 until unemployment falls below 5.5%. This seems like a fair proposal considering the dire economic condition in California. So far the proposal is losing so I guess Californians get what they deserve--one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country.  

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