Retail Gasoline Use Down 3.2% During Past Week--MasterCard

This data is from MasterCard's weekly Spending Pulse report. The decline in gasoline demand was attributed to hurricane Earl. From Dow Jones:
Demand dropped 3.2%, or 289,000 barrels a day, to 8.837 million barrels a day in the week ended Sept. 10. That's the lowest level in any week since Oct. 10, 2008 and was the lowest for the second week of September since 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Declines occurred in all regions, but the biggest drops occurred in New England (-9%) and central Atlantic states (-.47%), the regions impacted by strong coastal winds and rain from Hurricane Earl, even as the storm's punch was less than initially feared.
Gasoline sales over the Labor Day weekend, measured as Sept. 3-6, were nearly unchanged from a year ago, gaining just 0.2%.
More important is the 4 week moving average which was up 0.5%, or 45,000 barrels a day, from a year earlier, at 9.148 million barrels a day.


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