No Surprise--ABC Consumer Confidence Index Falls

From Dow Jones:
U.S. consumer confidence weakened in the week ended Sunday, according to an ABC News index, after hitting a two-month high the prior week.

The reading declined three points to -46 on its scale of -100 to +100. The long-term average is -13.

Before the past week's decline, the confidence level had grown seven points in the prior six weeks.

Meanwhile, 89% of Americans most recently surveyed rate the economy negatively as 75% say it is a bad time to spend money and 55% rate their own finances negatively.
Its interesting, 75% say it is a bad time to spend money and yet millions waste their money on Ipods, Ipads, Iphones, etc. Historically, consumer confidence has been a good barometer of future consumer spending, but that has not been the case during this "recovery." Consumers remain depressed but continue to spend anyway.

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