Where to buy physical gold?

So you have decided to buy physical gold but don't know where to purchase it. After all there are quite a few crooks operating as gold dealers who charge egregious premiums over spot. Be careful about these dealers--they usually run fancy TV ads to sucker gullible people into paying 40-70% over spot which is a rip off. I have found that APMEX.com is the best place to buy physical gold. They seem to have the best prices and are honest dealers. I have done business with them before and will do business with them again in the future. I recently purchased a 10 oz gold bar from made by the Perth Mint (with a swan as the logo) and had no problems with APMEX.com. The only annoying issue is that they require a signature at the time of delivery (for security reasons). This is very inconvenient considering I work all day and do not have time to sign for the delivery. Other than that this difficulty, APMEX is the best gold dealer I have dealt with. Another good dealer is CMI gold and silver.

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