Thoughts from Marc Faber

Marc Faber is one of the investors I actually listen to because he has an admirable track record dating back over decades. I subscribe to his Gloom Boom Doom Report and while I cannot legally publish a copy of it I can give you a general outlook from Marc Faber.

Faber is not currently bullish on stocks and believes that the odds of a correction are high over the next 12 months (10-20%). The only exception is Thailand and Japanese stocks which are still cheap.

Faber compares buying US Treasury bonds in 2010 to purchasing tech stocks in 1999--not a good idea. He believes that there is no future scenario which would benefit treasuries (particularly 30yr bonds).

When it comes to currencies Faber notes that the Yen should decline and is a good short here against the Euro. He would be a buyer of the Euro against the dollar.

He still likes gold and advises buying on a regular basis.

Faber is cautious on commodities but likes grains, especially soybeans and likes fertilizer companies (POT,MOS,AGU) as a play on this.

Overall Faber is not bearish longer term on stocks because he believes the Federal Reserve will simply print more money to prop up asset classes. But in the short term he expects a real correction which should be bought by investors.

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