Which EU Bank Has The Largest Exposure To Ireland?

Here is a list of EU banks with the highest amount of exposure to Irish debt default. The data is based on the EU stress test results. Figures represent net sovereign exposure to Ireland.

1. Hypo Real Estate (owned by the German government)---10.283 billion Euros

2. Royal Bank of Scotland (owned by UK government)-- 4.280 Billion Pounds

3. Allied Irish Bank (owned by Irish government)--- 4.136 billion Euros

4. Bank of Ireland (owned by Irish government)---- 1.18 Billion Euros

5. Credit Agricola (France)-----929 million Euros

6. HSBC (UK)---------$816 million dollars

7. Dankse Bank (Denmark)-------655 million Euros

8.BNP Paribas (France)-----571 million Euros

9. Group BCE (France)-----491 million Euros

10. SocGen (France)------453 million Euros

It is interesting that the top 4 holders of Irish debt are national governments. No doubt they will be pressing for a bailout of Ireland to protect their investments.

Note: This is not mean to be comprehensive list. I do not have the time to go through every EU bank. Also these numbers may have changed since the EU stress tests and only reflect sovereign debt exposure.

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