Obamacare Will Cost Me An Extra $1308 Next Year

Just a quick note regarding Obamacare. Today I received a letter from my health insurance provider which said they will be increasing my premium $109 per month, an extra $1308 per year. I called the company and asked why they were doing this, and they said it was the result of the health care program passed by Congress. I knew Obamacare was nothing more than a ploy to bankrupt America, but I did not know that it would be increasing my premium immediately. Thanks Barry Soetoro...err... Barack H. Obama, or whatever your name is, for your glorious health care program. It does nothing for people like me who already have health care coverage, except tax me a little more. I really hope the Republicans in the House de-fund this program and block its implementation at all costs. It was written by the insurance companies to increase their profits. One last thing regarding this health care debate, I am so sick and tired of the liberals running their mouths about how 45 million people do not have insurance-- and it is a national emergency. There are 310 million Americans, which means 85.5% of the population has health insurance. Of the 45 million who do not have health insurance, the majority of them are young people under 35 who do not want it. I have looked up the numbers and found that you can purchase health insurance for around $150 per month with a $3,000 deductible. This goes to show you that many people without health insurance could purchase it if they wanted to. The only people who need special attention are people with pre-existing conditions. The simple plan would be for the government to set up some kind of insurance pool for these people to help lower the cost. No need for nationalized health care or a government take over, just a little common sense. Also, we cannot forget the illegal aliens who leach from taxpayers to the tune of billions. The answer is not to give them anything! Their presence increases the cost of health care for every citizen, without them we could dramatically lower costs and make health care insurance more affordable for everyone.  

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