Consumer Sentiment Increases Just In Time For Holiday Season

It's almost Black Friday, and like clockwork, the little sheep are starting to perk up ahead of the time when they will be told by corporations that  it is their patriotic duty to spend all of their money. Despite the fact that 17% have no job or are under-employed, surging commodity prices thanks to a debased dollar, flat wages if you have a job, and general economic malaise, Michigan's consumer sentiment increased in November to 69.3, up from 67.7 in the previous month. Are they putting something in the water to boost retail sales? Even though the index increased in November, it still remains at a depressed level. It will be very interesting to see if the American sheeple consumer will continue to buy such vital necessities as Ipods, Ipads, extra large flat screen TVs, and who could forget those stupid tickle me Elmo dolls.

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