AAII Bullish Sentiment Goes Parabolic

The American Association of Independent Investors released its weekly survey of investment sentiment. Bullish sentiment surged to 57.6%, up from 48.23% and bearish sentiment fell slightly to 28.50%, from 29.79% previously. Neutral sentiment fell sharply to 14%.

Wow! This was a really interesting report. Bullish sentiment has gone through the roof, reaching a multi-year high. Perhaps this is because Bernanke wrote in an op-ed that his goal was to get the stock market higher, which many market participants took as a sign the Fed would not let the market fall.. The last time we had a bullish reading this high was back on January 18, 2007 when the SP 500 was at 1426. Contrary investors will take this as a signal that we may be nearing a top in the market. I would like to point out that following the bullish number in Jan 2007, the market continued to rally for the next 5 weeks so this does not necessarily mean the market cannot rally further. What was particularly noteworthy from the report was the sharp drop in neutral sentiment. For a long time retail investors have been uncertain about the economy and therefore the stock market. This week a large number of neutral respondents flipped bullish. Call it the QE 2 effect I guess, but the market is starting to get a bubbly feeling. The Fed is doing its best to precipitate another asset bubble and it looks like it will be in the stock market this time.

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Here is a shorter-term chart of AAII sentiment.

Here is a longer term chart comparing AAII bullish sentiment to the SP 500.

Finally, here is a chart which compares the AAII bearish sentiment to the SP 500.

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