Tax Day for American Slaves

Well today is one of the worst days of the year for American slaves--paying illegal and unconstitutional taxes to the US government. Its ironic that the US fought a war with Britain over illegal taxes but now we pay over 55% of our hard earned money to the government (started in 1913). Even medieval serfs only had to pay 33% to their lords. The founding fathers would be ashamed of us. Do our taxes go to anything worthwhile? Of course not. It goes to the private wall street banks who have stolen trillions and bankrupted the US economy. Also we get to pay for illegal foreign wars which make the defense contractors rich. And if you try to avoid taxes--the US will persecute you and send you to prison for up to 15 years (they are very effiecnt in this respect). But multinational companies do not have to pay taxes thanks to their creative tax lawyers. Goldman Sachs and Intel for example pay only 1% in taxes. The government will not go after corporations for evading taxes. In fact IRS audits of corporations are declining while audits of individuals are rising. We live in a police state which we are forced to finance through taxation. Americans are no longer free!!

Black Swan Insights
(AKA American Tax Slave)


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