Quick Reads

To pass the time. Enjoy.

1. John Paulson Also Is Taking a Bath on Gold Mining Stocks (WSJ)--can you say redemptions
2. The Great Australian Housing Bubble is Coming to an END (IBT)
3. Millionaires invested more in art, luxury in 2010: report (Reuters)
4. Harrisburg Mayor Calls For Three Days of Fasting to Help end Financial Crisis (PennLive)--better than QE 3
5. Colo. police say man hid in portable toilet tank-- (MSNBC)
6. Citigroup Economic Surprise Index (Trader's Narrative)---it is signaling a buy sign
7. The Real Ghandi? (The Atlantic)
8. HSBC’s £10bn of ring-fence fears for UK banks (FT Alphaville)
9. About that strong demand for Commodities By China (Ft Alphaville)
10. Welcome to China's 'Snake Village': A slideshow (The Week)


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