I Can't Take it Anymore: Windows 7 2012 Security and the Rise of For-Profit Viruses

It happened again this morning. I get up, make myself some coffee and cereal and log on to the Internet. I go to 4 sites : Drudgereport.com, Zerohedge, TechCrunch, and Google News. Then my worst nightmare appears--I start to see a series of non-stop pop ups from the notorious Windows 7 2012 security virus. This malignant piece of filth hijacks my computer, preventing me from opening my anti-virus program or any other program. This must be the 20th time I have come across this terrible virus and it is getting intolerable. It has gotten so bad that I no longer surf the Internet freely. Instead I restrict my web-surfing to about 20 sites.

What really makes me fume is that there seems to be no way of avoiding this virus. I don't got to questionable websites, view porn, or download unknown files or email attachments. I have Mcafee anti-virus software downloaded and installed on my computer. It does not prevent or even recognize the virus. I literally had Mcafee telling me my computer was secure and virus free while the virus is controlling my computer. So much for having an anti-virus program! I also have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed as well. This program will not prevent Windows 7 2012 security virus either--it only removes it once your computer has been infected. The virus tries to prevent you from opening Malwarebytes.

The problem is that once the virus starts, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Since the virus completely disables your system, you cannot even search google to find information on getting rid of the virus. Instead, you need to use another computer, which has not been infected. Once you search google you find bleepingcomputer.com, which allegedly offers a program to help disable the threat. You are told to download a program called iexplore.exe,which disables the virus and allows you to open and close programs on your computer. I did this. When the download was completed, I received a notice from Mcafee stating that they detected and deleted a trojan virus. Then I started Malwarebytes. After waiting 55 minutes for the scan to be completed, the virus was found and deleted. Thank God!

What was interesting was that Malwarebytes deleted iexplore.exe along with the Windows 7 2012 Security virus as well. Apparently, Malwarebytes decided that iexplore.exe was a virus. What the hell is going on here? Is iexplore.exe a virus as well? Sure seems to be the case.

What really concerns me about the rise of malicious viruses like Windows 7 2012 Security virus (and its various mutations) is that they have been created solely for money! The whole goal of this program is to steal money and credit card information from unsuspecting people. The virus pretends to be an anti-virus program and tells you that your computer has been infected and needs to be cleaned. When you click on the scan icon, the virus says that you have to pay money in order to clean your system. Even if you are foolish enough to give these criminals your credit card information, it will do nothing to help your computer. And to make matters worse, these cyber criminals now have your credit card, so be prepared for fraudulent charges.

It was not too long ago when computer viruses were created by 13 year old kids in their mom's basement. While annoying, these viruses were largely harmless. However, over the last 5-10 years we have seen an explosion in for-profit viruses. The goal is to make money by tricking people. I always like to ask the question: who profits from this trend? It is obvious that Norton and Mcafee--the anti-virus companies stand to profit the most from these viruses.

Is it too conspiratorial to say that these companies directly or indirectly create these viruses in order to sell more ant-virus programs? It is pretty simple: problem, reaction, solution. These companies (and or independent contractors) create and spread nefarious viruses. These viruses have become so prevalent that everyone I know has been forced to pay $50-$100 annually to these companies for protection. It is a great racket which would make the mafia jealous. It is like victims paying their abusers not to beat them!

Someone has to stop this scam. Is there any way to prevent these kinds of viruses from infecting my computer? I don't normally allow comments on this blog because of numerous spam problems, but I will open the comments section because I am desperate for some advice at this point. I am afraid to surf the Internet because I do not want to risk having my computer infected again. Thanks

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  1. Install a free anti-virus like AVG. They work much better and they are free. Your problem will be solved because the free anti-viruses only care to cure your problem and their pool of users is much larger and faster to add new viruses to their database.
    This problem is solved for me with the free AVG anti-virus even though I surf questionable websites.

    1. How can anybody profit from a virus. Mac's are virus proof so I hear.

  2. @vash - not valid suggestion. AVG did not prevent this virus getting in.

    I had to do a system restore to the previous savepoint using admin and then malwarebytes to remove any traces of it and over came the problem. It is painful and effort consuming.

    Once I got it back working, I found the following options for removal: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-win-7-antispyware-2012

    By my experience this is very crafty virus that litterally hijacked everything and better still I am not sure where the hell it came and how it entered my system.

    I am interested in knowing the source of the virus so I am bit cautious.

  3. I just got this virus yesterday a day after reading this article. Recommending AVG is too simplistic for this type of problem. This virus is insidious. Even the bleepingcomputer advice (normally good) is useless since I can't run any programs (like Malwarebytes). Booting in safe mode won't work since the virus is still doing it's nasty work. I imagine most people just reformat and lose their data.

  4. Black Swan InsightsJune 26, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    Thanks everyone for the input. I also read that AVG is largely ineffective against the virus just like Mcafee and Norton. The only way of getting rid of this virus is to go to another computer and download the iexplor.exe from bleepingcomputer onto your flashdrive.

    Then you can run iexplore.exe on the infected computer which will disable the virus from blocking all programs. Then you can run Malwarebytes and solve the program.

    The only concern I have is that iexplore.exe seems to be considered by Malwarebytes to be a virus. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

  5. buy an apple next time

  6. Windows 7 has so many updates compare to XP in security standards. Here are some more updates about Windows 7 security.