How Can There Be A Recovery Without Jobs?

I know I know employment is a lagging economic indicator but this is ridiculous. In my opinion there can be no recovery without jobs. The US has to create 250,000 jobs just to keep pace with the growing population. We were told by the experts that jobs would come gradually, but according to his chart it has not happened. Of course the markets could care less because they are expecting more money printing by the Federal Reserve.



  1. for example: Europe: France has a chronic 9% unemployment rate even in the best of times and their companies haver bull cycles and bear cycles.

    Germany and the rest have unacceptable high levels of unemployment to Americans during good times.

    The stock market can function with a bad or mediocre economy.

    1. Theirs way to much casual investment income and to little income coming from wages salaries.

  2. So far you are correct--the market just ignores job data. I believe it is because SP 500 earnings are no longer dependent on the US. Some estimates suggest that the top 100 companies in the SP 500 get 40% of sales outside the US. Outside of the US, Europe, and Japan--economies are booming.