The "Goldman Sachs Conspiracy"---A Chinese Bestseller

  The giant vampire squid seems to have made enemies in China. A new book detailing Goldman's role during the 2008 financial crisis has become a Chinese bestseller. The New York Times reports: 

The nearly 300-page, highly dramatized account covers much of the same ground as a widely cited piece by Matt Taibbi last year in the Rolling Stone magazine that portrayed the Wall Street institution as a ''a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.''
Li's book takes ample license in its attacks on Goldman Sachs. The company's ultimate goal, he says in the first chapter, is to ''kill China.''
''Like a fox chewing a bone, Goldman Sachs knows the rules of the game and when to go for your neck,'' it says.
With the ''cruel character of a Manchurian tiger, the group creeps around the world, like a veteran hunter stalking its prey, when it smells blood it pounces!'' the chapter says.
Li, in an online chat, said the book was no exaggeration.
''The real financial battle is even more dramatic than my book, according to my knowledge of the markets,'' he said. ''Goldman Sachs is the hand behind the financial crisis, maybe even its cause.'' He soon plans to publish a third book about the company.


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