Mourning the 4th of July

From the US Code of Laws: (a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

Considering the dire state of our country, I find it particularly appropriate to display the flag upside down on this 4th of July.

Americans have lost their country. We have a tyrannical elite who run this country for their own benefit. We have a Imperial President who starts wars without Congressional support, claiming that it is okay because dropping bombs and killing people constitutes a "kinetic military action," not war. Doublespeak at its very best. Does Congress care? No, they have been bought and paid for by so many special interests that their only concern is how they are going to spend their bribes.

The US economy has been outsourced by design. We are left with a service based economy where minimum wage is the norm. Unemployment is above 9% with the real number closer to 15%. Not that the government cares, but how are you supposed to have jobs when everything has been outsourced to China?But as long as the corporations are making record profits, who cares about average Americans who are struggling to survive?

The Federal Reserve is printing money and debasing the dollar, in order to bailout the banks and finance government spending. Inflation is rising, yet the government confidently claims inflation does not exist. The media of course, parrots the party line. Just remember, when you are out celebrating the 4th of July that your cookout will cost 12% more than last year. Your government is stealing your money day by day through inflation, and yet no one, except a very small minority protest.

Meanwhile, the government has completely ignored the Constitution, gradually eating away at our remaining freedoms. Do the American people care? Not really, after all most of them can't list the Bill of Rights anyway, thanks to our government-run educational/brainwashing system. Going to airports now mean being sexually groped by thuggish TSA agents. Naturally, the American people show little reaction. Their pathetic lives are consumed by video games, TV and other forms of distracting entertainment. As long as the cable still work,s the American sheep remain in their slumber. They are even willing to allow their children to be groped by the government. After all, those 1-year old kids in diapers could be potential terrorists, so the TSA claims.

Despite tough times and a declining standard of living, many Americans are more than willing to go out and celebrate the 4th of July by drinking themselves silly with cheap beer and chanting USA, USA. They proudly display their American flags on their lawns and flag poles without realizing that their precious flag was probably made in China by a 12-year old slave. The myth of America, promoted by the media, still lulls many Americans into a false reality where they still believe they live in a free country. I suppose, that believing a false myth is better than facing the harsh realities of our current state.

Since I became aware of the truth, I rarely celebrate the 4th of July. It would seem like an insult to the founding fathers of this country who risked their lives to ensure American independence. We have strayed so far from the Constitution and Bill of Rights that America--as the founding fathers would knew it--no longer exists. Instead, during this 4th of July I find myself reading biographies of the founding fathers, trying to understand what happened to the American dream they envisioned.

I further realize that at this moment I am likely committing a thought crime because I am speaking against the government and in support of the Constitution. According to our government this means that I could be a domestic terrorist. Imagine that!

I now consider leaving the US to escape burdensome taxation and the oppressive shackles of a technologically advanced police state. Who would of thought 200 years ago that people would be leaving the US to pursue freedom and opportunity? People ask me what I am "doing" for the 4th. I am mourning the loss of the USA.



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