Coincidence? Bin Laden Killed Just In Time to Save Obama's Falling Approval Ratings

With his approval ratings at all time lows, Obama pulls an ace from his hat. The President announced tonight that the US has killed #1 terrorist Osama bin laden, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. UPDATE: Bin Laden killed during gunfight in Pakistan. Obama personally ordered attack on Bin Laden.

My question. This seems like perfect timing for Obama, who needed something big to restore credibility to his blemished administration. Well he got it. Obama will now be forgiven for starting illegal wars in Libya, continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, violating the Constitution with his health care law, keeping Guantanamo Bay open despite promising to close it, and other policy failures. His 2012 re-election prospects suddenly look much better.

All of this seems awfully suspicious, especially the part about the US having Bin Laden's body. Give me a break.

One more thing. Don't think the war on terror will be ending anytime soon. The government will keep using the threat of Al-Queda to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That means more groping of your children by TSA thugs in the airports and more police state measures to keep you safe. Perpetual war for perpetual peace!

Update: Obama have trouble reading from teleprompter during speech. Calls for national unity similar to what happened after 9/11.

Crowds gather around White House. Fools think war on terror is over.

Terror alert to be increased after Bin Laden death.

2nd Update: Obama's re-election odds increase after Bin Laden death according to Intrade. Now at 70%

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