With American Lives in Danger, The Nobel Peace Prize Winner-in Chief Enjoys Brazil Trip

After illegally sending American armed forces into another war in the Middle East, the Great Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barry Obama is living it up in Brazil. The President has been seen drinking champagne, joking with the President of Brazil, and attending lavish banquets, all while Americans troops are in harms way. Does this criminal have any shame? Not Barry?

You would think that the war in Libya would be of primary importance to the President, but that does not seem to be the case. Traveling around Latin America seems to occupy most of Barry's time. And if you think Obama is not properly concentrating on protecting Americans in foreign wars, you can be rest assured. The President was briefed for a few minutes on the phone in between engagements in Brazil. So much for looking out for American interests.

Here are some of the highlights of Barry's luxury tour of Brazil. It is almost like there is no war in Libya at all. It is great living like a Roman Emperor. No need to get Congressional approval for air strikes against Libya, even though the Constitution DEMANDS it. But don't fret, Barry got his approval from the UN, which makes everything all right. I wonder what is next for Barry in Brazil? Perhaps the wonderful beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Don't let the risk of dead Americans prevent you from enjoying Brazil.

PICS from Barry's trip to Brazil

Barry and the Brazilian President pose for photographers

Barry's own Marie Antoinette sips champagne in style with Brazil's President. Nothing but the best for Michelle. While 17% of Americans are unemployed/underemployed.

War in Libya? American pilots in danger? No worry. Barry's still has time to crack jokes at a press conference. Besides he has already won the Nobel Peace Prize. He can starts wars with impunity.

Barry reviewing troops during his welcome ceremony in Brazil. It is good to be a tyrant.

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