Bernanke: QE 2 Just The Beginning--Hello Zimbabwe!

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CBS is reporting that Fed Chairman Bernanke will say in a TV interview which airs on Dec 5 that QE 2 is not limited to $600 billion, indicating that Zimbabwe Ben is prepared to print more money. This should not come as a shock to readers of this blog. We have said that QE is nothing more than debt monetization with a fancy name. The criminals at the Fed use the guise of "increasing employment" and "boosting the economy" to carry out their money printing. If you disagree, the Fed's paid pumpers (Steve Leisman,etc) will say you hate poor people and want them to remain unemployed. I love how the Fed and the media have turned illegal dollar debasement into some benevolent act to help the average person. Of course, this is to be expected in a police state. The only thing that matters is the party line, and all dissents will be punished. I wonder how the average person is better off with oil at $90, which equates to $3.35 per gallon in Los Angeles. The higher commodity prices rise (as a result of dollar debasement), the less money the American cattle..err..I mean consumer has to spend on such necessities as ipods and iPads (Oh, yes, and food). This means at some time in 2011 consumer spending will have to weaken. When it does, the economy will roll over and guess what--the Fed will print more money! It is a truly virtuous cycle, which works until the day the dollar collapses. Get ready for Zimbabwe style inflation if this continues!

The interview on CBS will be a must-watch event. No doubt the equity markets will love it as it means more dollar debasement, which leads to a higher stock market (only in nominal terms, remember).

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