My favorite momentum stock right now

Heartware International (HTWR)

Company Description

HeartWare International, Inc. (HeartWare) is a medical device company developing a family of implantable Left Ventricular Assist Devices ("LVADs") for the treatment of advanced heart failure. The Company is listed on both the Nasdaq Stock Market and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


You can see why this is my favorite momentum stock. Whether rain or shine (or market crash) this stock keeps going up. I also like it because it is relatively unknown to Wall Street analysts and major institutions. The only question is when to get out before the inevitable crash all stocks face. For me I will probably get out if the stock breaks below 70 or before earnings. As you may know I never trade stocks before earnings after my many bad experiences.  

My basic trading style is pretty simple. I pick 10 stocks making 52 week highs and buy them and then pick 10 stocks making 52 week lows and short them (boring strategy but it has worked for me). I generally don't mess with large cap because you can get larger percentage moves with small to mid cap companies. My investment style as compared to my trading style is completely based on fundamentals and research. I often require a substantial potential reward versus risk before I buy stock for investment purposes  

Disclosure: I own shares in HTWR with a cost basis of around 60 and will most likely sell on any weakness.